The values for Mileage/year (km) and Years can be edited.
Default figures according to the EU directive 2009/33/EC (truck: 1,000,000 km, bus: 800,000 km)

Values for CO2 reduction according to the EU directive 2009/28/EC. Check what fuels the authorities approve at purchases according to the EU directive 2009/33/EC.

Average fuel consumption

Fuel consumption is influenced by several parameters, below you find estimates for average fuel consumption.

Diesel for long-haulage in Europe: 0.35 litres/km Diesel for city bus in Europe: 0.46 litres/km
Ethanol for long-haulage in Europe: 0.56 litres/km Ethanol for city buses in Europe: 0.74 litres/km
Gas for distribution trucks:0.4 Nm³/km Gas for city buses: 0.45 Nm³/km

Mileage/year (km)
Lifetime mileage (km)

Emission class
CO2 reduction
Fuel consumption (-/km)